TTC Land is the best residential developer

TTC Land is the best residential developer | With a portfolio of outstanding real estate developments and a commitment to bring quality and value to each product and service it offers, TTC Land, formerly known as Sacomreal, has become one of the best homebuilders in Vietnam over the past few years.

The company being named Best Residential Developer at The Dot Property Southeast Asia’s Best of the Best Awards 2017 confirms TTC Land’s status among the country’s elite.

With more than 10 years of experience, TTC Land has proven time and again that it is one of the leaders of the Vietnamese real estate market. The firm has developed a wide range of projects including massive townships that provide the best in family living and affordable apartments that offer residents first-class amenities.


TTC Land has built its reputation on creating developments that boast unmatched quality while still providing value for buyers. For example, the company’s Jamona-branded projects are among the most unique in Vietnam allowing residents a chance to be a part of an urban centre. Everything a person could possibly need is at their fingertips and this convenience should not be overlooked.

Notable projects from TTC Land:

All of TTC Land’s residential projects are designed to allow residents to enjoy the lifestyle they desire. From top-notch facilities to well-designed living spaces, no developer can match TTC Land’s skill in this sector.

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